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    CALCIUM NITRATE (18.8:15.5) | Satpurabio Fertiliser


    Calcium Nitrate contains 15.5 % Nitrogen and 18.5 % Calcium.It helps in producing tuber crops like potato onion garlic with high quality as well as large and uniform size It increases the quantity of  Flowers is helpful In addition to Calcium, it also increased the availability of Nitrogen to the crops.In addition to quality improvement in tomato and chill, there is no loss in transportation and more market price is available

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    CALCIUM NITRATE+BORON |Satpurabio Fertiliser

    • Calcium  Nitrate with boron is a above recommendation  are based  on experience  and  very  according  to local  and  seasonal condition
    • Apply immesiatoly  after  dilutions. the effect will be reduced if used in high temperature or before rain
    • The  best spraying time is before 10 arn in the morning or 4 pm in the evening to avoid strong sunlight
    • Do not mix with any other product for combine application to avoid un contain performance of the product
    • Small trial is recommended before regular applications
    • widely spray on leaves under side of leaves stacks & buds
    • Consult export use of the product store in cool $ dark places.
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