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    Stick Wetting Agent (Wetting Agent) | Satpurabio Fertiliser


    Stick Wetting Agent (Wetting Agent) is highly efficacious Anionic sticking and spreading agent and specially formulated to cover a large surface area. It is recommended for use with insecticides, fungicides for improving sticking and spreading quality.

    is only a wetting and spreading agent. it is not a sticking agent. please buy Supershot if you are looking for silicon-based sticking,

    dispersing, wetting and spreading agent.

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    Sticker (Wetting Agent) | Satpurabio Fertiliser


    The sticker is an ionic soaking and dispersing product. It is safe to use with all types of fungicides, insecticides and weed killers. It increases the power of wetting, Improves distribution, Improves penetration, Increases adhesiveness. It helps in going deep inside, it increases the adhesiveness and helps in drying up quickly.

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