NPK (12:61:00)

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    NPK (12:61:00) | Satpurabio Fertilise


    NPK (12:61:00)  Imported 100% Water Soluble Fertilizer and recommended to use for drip fertigation and foliar spray application. It contains higher percentage of Phosphorus in available form. It has urea free nitrogen hence it can give better availability of Nitrogen through mmonia form.

    Used for Grapes Mango. Citrus, Apple. Banana. Pomograrate. Strawberry. etc, Brinjal. Chillies. Tomato, Cabbage. Cauliflowec Capsicum, Onton. Garlic. Potato. Peas Sugarcane. Coffee, Cardamom. Pepper. N ursery, Soyabean. Groundnut, Riises

    Crop: Suitable for all crops

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