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Product Information :

Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate (21%) is a very popular fertilizer material containing Zinc, an essential plant nutrient in soluble form.

It contains 21-23% Pure Zinc and 10-11% Sulphur. It has fully water-soluble crystals, which give immediate effect on crop. Zinc increases the metabolic rate of plant. According to scientific research, this is the ideal fertilizer to correct Zinc deficiency in soil. It also facilitates the proper utilization of NPK fertilizers.


Zinc (as Zn) min.           21.0

Lead (as Pb) max.          0.003

Copper (as Cu) max.      0.1

Sulphur (as S) min.        15.0

PH not less than          4.0


Mix 8-10 kg Arjun Hepta Zinc with sand or urea & broadcast over field before last ploughing.

Mix 1 kg  Arjun Hepta Zinc with 2 kg urea & dissolve in 200L water & spray twice over the standing crop


Zinc 21% keeps plants healthy , more green and very attractive

Zinc 21% resists disease and activates the absorption other nutrients from the soil,

Provides Nutrients requirement and correct the Zinc 21% deficiency

How To Use:

5 Kg per Acre in Soil application.

DOSE-2/3 gms per liter of water by drip fertigation/spray.





Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40.0 × 0.5 cm

1 kgX25, 5 kgX10


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