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Product Information :

Boron is an essential nutrient for growth and development of healthy plants. Boron compounds are used in small concentrations as micronutrients in fertilizers. When used in large concentrations they function as herbicides, algaecides and other pesticides.


Boron 10.50%

Di-Sodium Octa  Borate Tetra Hydrate

BORAX Pentahydrate-15%

BORAX Decahydrate -10.5%


  • All Fruit crops                 2.0 gm -2.5 gm /litre of Water
  • All Vegetable  crops       1.5 gm-2.0 gm /litre of Water
  • All Pulses                         1.5 gm-2.0 gm /litre of Water
  • Cotton and Soybeans     2.0 gm -2.5 gm /litre of Water
  • Floriculture Crops         1.5 gm-2.0 gm /litre of Water


For  spraying application do not apply more then the recommended dose.

Spraying should ne done either in the early morning or during sunset

Do not spray in direct sunlight and when plant stress condition

Avoid mixing of these fertilizers with any pesticide or fungicide.

How To Use:

2/3 gms per liter of water by drip fertigation/spray

About this Item:

Brand:                       Satpurabio

Manufacturer:          imported

Country of Origin    India

Sold by                      Satpurabio fertiliser India  Pvt .Ltd




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